SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

90 Minute Session, All Equipment Included, No Experience Necessary – Details Below – $50 – Includes all Taxes & Fees

Package of 3 SUP Yoga Classes – Membership # e-mailed after package is purchased, Membership # required book SUP Yoga Class – $150 – Includes all Taxes & Fees

Package of 5 SUP Yoga Classes – Membership # e-mailed after package is purchased, Membership # required book SUP Yoga Class – $250 – Includes all Taxes & Fees

Class Information
90 Min Session
Includes use of: Glide O2 Lotus Paddle Board / Sawyer Storm Paddle / PFD, Whistle, Leash
* Pre-Registration is Required
* Must cancel 24 hours prior to Class in order to reschedule or Refund.  Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to Class are NOT eligible for reschedule or Refund
* No experience necessary
* Must be at least 18 Years Old
* Must be able to Swim
What to Expect
We will start with an introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding on land. You will learn PFD/Leash usage, Paddle Grip, Stroke, Turn Technique, how to get up and down, and what to do if you fall.  We will help you launch and you will paddle to warm up the body before beginning our 60 minuets of yoga and end with a relaxing savasana and paddle back.  All experience levels are welcome.
Why SUP Yoga
SUP Yoga will improve your yoga practice, you will slow down through postures you take for granted on a stable surface, you find focus and not become easily distracted, and train muscles not always used as you use your core to stabilize and smaller muscles to gain balance.
Common Questions
Do I need to be able to swim? 
Yes! All participants are required to have swimming ability for the safety of all students. Life Jackets are provided for all participants.  If you’re not a confident swimmer, you may choose to wear the Personal Flotation Device (PFD) throughout class.
Will I get wet?
Yes.  While you can make it through an entire class without falling in, the more willing you are to get wet the the more fun you will have.  You may also get wet from water coming over the edges of the board.  Bring a towel or change of clothes for after class in case you do get soaked.
What should I wear?
Wear something that you can get wet in, something you would wear to a Yoga class.  Avoid cotton and baggy clothing, bring a hat, and sunscreen.  Swimwear is ok but remember that you will be moving around, so make sure you have adequate coverage.
How long is class? Do I need to arrive early?
Our SUP Yoga Classes are 90 minutes, we suggest arriving at least 15 minutes before class starts.  This will help ensure that we get to enjoy the most time on the water.
Can I bring my Phone or a Camera?
We recommend you leave all valuables behind, we will take photos for you.  Photos will be posted after class via the 315 Yoga FaceBook page, or sent via Google Drive.
Do you have storage for my valuables?
We suggest you leave all valuables in your car.  315 Yoga will not be responsible for items left on shore.  We do recommend you bring a water bottle.
What if it rains?
Inclement weather such as heavy downpours, thunder and lightning, and high winds will result in cancellation.  In the event that 315 Yoga cancels a class, we will give you the option to reschedule or provide a refund.  We will do our best to notify you of a cancellation as soon as possible.
Contact US
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